Types of Carpet Cleaning Techniques 

Having your carpet cleaned is important. A carpet is an important component of your house that does a lot of things. It traps the foot traffic noise, eliminates the risk of trip and fall and accentuates the house. A dirty carpet is not hygienic for the kids to play at, or to set your foot on. As a homeowner, it’s your responsibility to maintain its cleanliness.  

You can do regular cleaning like vacuuming, but you can also send it to a professional for a deep clean. If you’re curious of how the professionals clean your carpet, the following are the cleaning techniques that carpet cleaners Riverside CA do.   

1. Encapsulation Cleaning 

In this cleaning technique, the dirty carpet is vacuumed first to remove the surface dust and debris. After that, an encapsulating chemical is applied to the carpet. The carpet is then placed on the rotary agitation machine where the encapsulating chemical will isolate dirt and debris found in the carpet. The dirt that’s isolated can be vacuumed easily from them on. The professionals will repeat this process for a whole week. This technique is only appropriate to commercial use.  

2. Dry Powder Cleaning 

In this cleaning technique, a “host system” is involved. The professionals will a small amount of water, safe to use solvent, detergent and a soft and natural cleaning product. Once the mixture is done, it’s sprinkled to the carpet. It will then create clumps that look like pieces of sawdust which dissolve and absorb the dirt on the carpet. The clumps are then vacuumed, resulting to a cleaner carpet.  

3. Dry Cleaning 

Dry cleaning method is also called bonnet cleaning. This technique is pretty similar to encapsulation cleaning. But instead of an encapsulation chemical, a self-neutralizing detergent is used instead. In this method, the carpet is cleaned by pad-drying which allows the dirt to absorb. This technique is maintenance-cleaning method that’s use for commercial purposes only.  

4. Hot Water Extraction 

This carpet cleaning technique is also called “steam cleaning”. This method involves the usage of hot water extraction, with the temperature up to 100 degrees Celsius. We can say that this type of cleaning is better than maintenance cleaning mentioned above, because the hot temperature has the ability to kill bacteria and germs that penetrated deep down in the fibers of the caret.  

5. Professional Steam Cleaning 

A professional steam cleaning method is superior to the hot water extraction method. It’s because the temperature used is above 100d degrees Celsius, using machines that allow the water to reach that kind of temperature. When you opt for a professionals steam cleaning procedure, the carpet will receive 500% more cleaning power. This is a costly method, but you can have it done for at least twice a year.  

Remember, professional cleaning is important but don’t forget to clean your carpet on your own too. Set some rules to avoid too much dirt and spills on your precious carpet. You can never go wrong with daily vacuuming and sweeping.